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National Day of Action

On 23, Apr 2013 | In Campaign Events, Campaign News | By Scouts for Equality

Scouts for Equality Kicks Off Final Month with a Nationwide Day of Action
As BSA Vote Draws Near Organization Increases Efforts for Equality

USA – Today, Scouts for Equality kicked off the final month of its voter engagement campaign with a nationwide “Day of Action”. Across the country, many of the organization’s 11,000 members will participate in events to generate support to end discrimination within the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA). Some of the events being held include public demonstrations, letter writing campaigns and screenings of the Sundance award-winning documentary “A Scouts Honor”.

“With a month to go until the vote, today’s ‘Day of Action’ is about our members showing their support for the historic resolution BSA proposed last week,” said Zach Wahls, Eagle Scout and Founder of Scouts for Equality. “It is also about demonstrating our commitment to continuing this fight until the BSA lives up to the values it teaches and welcomes all scouts and scout leaders.”

Since its founding in June 2012, Scouts for Equality has collected over 1.6 million signatures and convinced many of the BSA’s key funders to suspend contributions until discrimination within the organization ends. Supporters of this effort include President Obama, former GOP candidate Mitt Romney, President Bill Clinton, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, Bill Gates, Stephen Spielberg and many more.

Members who are unable to attend an event are invited to participate via social media and follow posts from the events. Our Day of Action can be followed on Scouts for Equality’s website at

“Scouts for Equality will continue its efforts until discrimination is no longer a word associated with the BSA,” said Wahls. “Today across the country our members are united by one common goal – to make the BSA organization the strongest it can be.”

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