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Connie Shultz – Pulitzer Prize Winner Connie Shultz – Pulitzer Prize Winner

By Scouts for Equality

On 03, Aug 2012 | In | By Scouts for Equality

Connie Shultz – Pulitzer Prize Winner

I’m married to an Eagle Scout. One of his prized possessions is the framed photo of him at age 16, in full uniform and shaking the hand of a fellow Eagle Scout, then-Sen. John Glenn. One night, before we were married, he sat down with his sash of badges and described what he had done to earn every single one of them.

This Boy Scouts policy is a form of bullying, and it’s causing so much harm.

It injures gay males who want to join but are excluded because of something they can’t change about themselves.

It hurts funding, robbing innocent children of the chance to discover the best parts of themselves.

And it betrays the men who believed that being a Boy Scout was the highest calling of their young lives.